Observations of the Big Three

  1. Rafa Nadal


Is a lefty; 

Has a two-handed backhand down the baseline;  

Has a powerful spin serve; 

Hits just below the baseline;  

Has a large windup for a forehand; 

His volley goes through the ball;  

Is patient behind the ball; 

Has a consistent overhead; 

What stands out to me: his powerful wind-up behind forehand shots; 

Is unparalleled on Clay courts; 

Uses a Babolat Pure Aero; 

Has 20 major titles. (1 Australian Open win; 13 Roland Garros wins; 2 Wimbledon wins; 4 U.S. Open wins) 

2. Roger Federer  


Is a righty; 

Uses a one-hand backhand;  

Uses a powerful flat serve; 

Hits down the baseline often; 

Is good at reading the other player’s game, and then transforming his game around it. i.e., spins just above the net;  

Has a strong follow through on the volley;  

What stands out to me: Fluidity (movement) with one-handed backhand; I was always taught to stay away from the one-handed backhand. 

Has the most wins on grass court, but is great on hard court as well; 

Uses a Wilson Pro Staff; 

Has 20 major titles. (6 Australian Open wins; 1 Roland Garros win; 8 Wimbledon wins; 5 U.S. Open wins) 

3. Novak Djokovic  


Is a righty; 

Uses a two-handed backhand; 

Has a flat, fast, distant serve;  

Hits to mid court and baseline with a flat shot; 

His spin shots are strategic; 

Is able to reach and secure a volley shot; 

Is even-keeled; 

What stands out to me: consistency in rallies; 

Consistently excellent on clay, grass and hard courts; 

Uses a Head Speed racket; 

Has 18 major titles. (9 Australian Open wins; 1 Roland Garros win; 5 Wimbledon wins; 3 U.S. Open wins) 

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