Thank U.S.

The hero set up the flag:

Pole in, wind set it flapping as though ablaze.

Red, white and blue are the colors we celebrate,

Today and every day, but especially today.

Today we celebrate the Air Force and Air National Guard-where we fly planes to protect-never in vain.

The Army and Army Reserve, where we man the ground and hopefully never have men lost, but always found brave in the line of duty.

The Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve, where ships and boats protect the mainland.

The Marines and Marine Corps Reserve, where discipline saves time and lives.

The National Guard, where our backups train for a day when war might be real.

The Navy, Navy Reserve, Navy SEALS, where waters are protected by sailors in vessels and submarines,

The Space Force where new technology will keep us safe in outer space.

So today I thank all of the men and women,

America strong,

Who bravely protect us and our nation and the freedom we have on the mainland and abroad..

Thank you.

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