Appendix A: Obedience in America // Obey U.S.

Returning to obedience starts with me-

Loving me 

And returning to the basics:

Listen, receive, obey. 


Returning to obedience is the transfer of romantic love for someone into genuine love for God with all our being: heart, mind, and soul.


Obey U.S.

“Obedience starts with me”

Reveals a humble posture of the being,

But if this posture is not done in love

it is empty: vain.

Nothing can stop the being on fire with a genuine love for God.

Lightning, hurricanes, tsunamis and the deadliest of entities can not

Quench the torch-fire lit on genuine love for the triune God:

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Turn our hearts to your love, God.

Turn our minds to ponder Your Love, God, Your Love is the Essence of Who You Are.

Turn our wills to the loving death of Yeshua on the cross for U.S..

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