A Solution the Oppression of Mental Hospitals in the United States of America

I fight for the rights of the oppressed: those in mental hospitals unjustly and illegal immigrants seeking citizenship. I am an advocate for solutions other than mental hospitals. There are two things to do to free the oppressed in mental hospitals in America.

1. Improve the State and Federal law regarding mental hospitals. This can be done by healthy and loving lawyers and congressman and congresswomen in Congress. 

2. Make standards higher under the law so it will be implemented. People must be accountable for breaking the law. They will be held accountable for not meeting the law’s standard. Prison time is necessary for those who do not meet the standards of the law: for those who run mental hospitals. These men and women treat the people who are admitted there temporarily, who also need deep healing, like earth’s scum.

I will add a third option as a possibility. 

3. Destroy the mental hospital model and replace it with something holistic. This will require teamwork and brainstorming together. 

So. what do you think? 

Nicholas Leyva, former rehab patient

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